Jerry Pike, Senior Performance Consultant with Synopsis, a leading semiconductor design software company, has used Interel Action Learning Devices for many years. He was one of the first internal consultants to use the Tournament Maze for an employee development program. The Tournament Maze consists of the EM3 model Electric Maze with the addition of an accessory Tournament Maze Programming module. The Tournament Maze experience is significantly different from typical Maze activities. While the participating teams compete to win, they also work to develop the other teams. This is similar to practice sessions used by sports teams.

The Tournament Maze or competition activity required each team to design an effective obstacle course for another team, plan an execution strategy for crossing a different teams obstacle course and provide coaching for another team while that team is crossing an obstacle course. While Jerry has extensive experience using Interel's products in development programs that de-emphasize competition, he believes that the appropriate use of competition can be an effective performance development strategy.

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