Pilgrim's Pride Corporation, the second-largest poultry producer in the United States, uses Interel's ViewPoint® Technology for their Respecting and Resolving Our Differences Program.

After issuing Interel's proprietary, 3-D style eyewear to each participant at the beginning of the course, they are asked to respond to a series of questions, about information displayed on a ViewPoint Sign. The participants do not realize that, half the participants were issued one type of eyewear that reveal one set of answers, while the other half were issued another type of eyewear that reveal completely different answers. The facilitator responds to one group as having the right answers and the other group as if every answer they give is wrong. After the participants have completed the "quiz," the facilitator debriefs the activity focusing on what happens when people view things through different filters because of past experiences or assumptions. The rest of the session is devoted to exploring some of those filters—or individual differences—and how the group can take advantage of them to build a stronger team. The group also looks at resolving conflicts that might arise because of the differences.

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