Global Spirits & Wine, Inc., the world's fourth largest spirits and wine company, has worked with Interel's Action Learning Devices for many years. Recently, the company began using our ViewPoint® Technology learning devices in several employee development programs, created by Dr. Alonzo Johnson, that include a junior executive leadership program and a communication program based on the Myers Briggs Feedback Instrument. One ViewPoint activity involves the use of different perspectives to reach a successful outcome. Participants are issued two types of 3-D style eyewear that appear identical but are constructed to reveal two different messages on a ViewPoint Sign.

Working individually, participants decipher coded messages on the sign and record their observations in writing. The process is repeated having participants with similar eyewear working in pairs and then having participants with different eyewear working in pairs. Finally, the groups compare notes from the processes and strive to build a successful, multilateral message by working through their differences. Debriefing focuses on what happens when people who work together do not "see eye-to-eye." The rest of the session is devoted to exploring the roots of established differences, recognizing the importance of diversity in backgrounds and beliefs, and learning how to take advantage of such knowledge to build stronger teams.

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