FedEx Corporation has used the Electric Maze for their management development program for a number of years. More recently, they contacted us to see if we could supply them with a different Action Learning Device for a newly introduced leadership development program. FedEx wanted something distinctive as some of the participants had already experienced the traditional Electric Maze activity. They decided to take advantage of an accessory, available from Interel, allowing them to use their existing EM3 Mazes as Tournament Mazes. The Tournament Maze™ experience is significantly different from the usual Maze activities.

Participants are involved in three tasks. First, they program the Maze as an obstacle course for another team and then navigate through an obstacle course programmed by a second team and finally, they coach the second team while that team is crossing a third teams programmed obstacle course. Additionally they use the Maze in its alternate, 3 x 16 pattern configuration as a 'practice field' on each of the three days of the program. The second and third days activities build on the previous activity as well as the didactic content of the course.

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